Joel Pena

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategies You Need For your Med Spa

Your Medspa needs to grow, and in order to grow, you need more patients, then more staff and so on.

It's in your nature as a business owner to want to do this. However, sometimes, if you don't focus on retaining and growing your customers, the growth of your business can come at the expense of your relationship with those customers. That's why it's so important to understand your customers and find ways to communicate with them. Then, based on what you learn about them, you can make decisions regarding your business that are in their best interest and that are also good for you as the owner. When it comes to customer acquisition and retention, there are many strategies outlined in this post that can help you increase your profits. This is especially true for customers who have already purchased from you once. Those customers are often among the most profitable for your business.

Customer Marketing is the process of using the tools and techniques of direct marketing to improve the lives of your customers and keep them coming back for more. It's about using what you already know about your customers and using that to get noticed, so you can take the next step and create a profitable relationship with them. In customer marketing, you aim to improve the customer experience over time. This may mean increasing customer loyalty, retention and a sense of community. Traditionally focused on the production of new customers, your business may not grow as fast as it could if you only focused on this one metric. Instead, you should also be aware that maintaining existing customer loyalty is equally important for business growth.


The retention of your clients is crucial to your success. Once you understand what keeps your clients happy and loyal to you, you can design a more targeted and effective marketing campaign. This will improve your results and reduce your customers' dissatisfaction and a bad review. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you ask, “Do They Come Back Because I Have the Lowest Prices?” There will always be someone who says “Yes!” and then there will be someone who says “No!” Unfortunately for this particular question, most people (including me) don’t know exactly why they do or don’t come back… But, they sure do like you as a provider. And, if they like your service, they will come back to your Medspa again and again… Unless… you piss them off.

Establishing an online presence is easier than ever before. Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, there is always something you can do to improve your online presence. Make sure you have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and learn about all aspects of internet marketing. It’s especially important to do these things because they will make a difference in your bottom-line profits. And remember, it is your job as a provider to improve your patient’s lives… not just their looks!

Clients don't care about availability. Give them what they need. If they need you, they'll find a way to get your attention. If they can't get through to your office, they'll call your cell phone. If that fails, they'll send a text message. And if all else fails, they'll scream and yell until you listen to them!


Established online presences need to attend to their messages and streams regularly. It’s important for current customers that you respond to them promptly and for new customers you need to create opportunities for them to interact with you. Leave positive reviews. This helps with your organic search results. Encourage your customers to talk about what you are doing for charities and other worthy causes. This creates positive karma which improves your SERPS and increases your sales. Establishing your Medspa roots in the community is important. You should always consider opportunities to help others, both in your local community and charities / organizations / people in other countries who are less fortunate than us here in the United States.