Are you still lost and confused on how to GROW your Medical Spa?

Hello, I'm Joel, the Marketing Strategist at Walk-ins Patients.

My goal is to help and support physician-owned Medical Spas to develop a practice that allows them to be financially independent, take back their time to spend with their families, and provide a great opportunity for their employees. I am very passionate about this. I come from a family of physicians; Gynecologist, Pediatrician, and Primary Care doctors. I was born and raised in my father's clinic, and this is where I started in the business.


At Walk-ins Patients, we provide Business Consulting, Marketing Strategies, and Business training/coaching for clinics to run their business efficiently.

We had helped many physicians who are running their own clinics with the struggles of establishing their name, relationships with vendors, creating profitable service packages, sales, finding new patients and retaining current patients, and keeping up with social media and marketing demands.


Our goal is to help our clients run successful practices by giving them the tools or doing the things that they need to operate smoothly and focus on actually growing their business.

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How do we do this? Well, we work one on one with our clients. We work so well together, that we actually partnered with one of our top clients. Dr. Mike Ellis from Keep Glowing Medical Spa in NJ.

Mike Ellis, Medical Spa Owner

Dr. Mike Ellis is a physician, entrepreneur, and he doesn't describe himself as a coach more so of a colleague who wants to make sure other physicians can get their life back, so he's willing to help by providing support, based on his successes.

He owns Keep Glowing Medical Spa which one of the most innovative medical spas in the USA. After going through a lot of pain, spending too much money, feeling lost and discouraged, he finally figured it out. Just like you, he talked to hundreds of sales people, getting him more confused on what supplies to get, what machines to buy, how to hire, what marketing to do, etc, etc. He joined lots of “Physician's Support Groups” that just like him were looking for support and answers to many many questions. Most of the time he got the wrong answers, after all, most physicians do not have a lot of business expertise.

The most common answer to most of his questions? “You can do it yourself” “Don't spend money if you can do it”, and the craziest one: "GOOGLE IT". REALLY? No wonder most of these physicians are still working their full-time jobs at the hospital and their Medical Spa still a hustle and will never grow. I know it is a little harsh, but that is the truth for most. But not for Dr, Mike.

He started to figure things out and asked for advice and trained with other actual successful business owners, people that actually are running a business the CORRECT WAY. He invested a lot of time and SMART Money and got the help he needed, so he could focus more on his patients and his business.

We started working with Dr. Mike and together we figured out how to create better Medical Spa services packages that actually served and benefited patients so well that they were willing to pay for these benefits. We generated the leads, nurture them, and booked the appointments for Dr. Mike, so he did not have to waste time doing these painful tasks.

Things are working so well for Dr. Mike Ellis and Keep Glowing Medical Spa, that I decided to ask Dr. Mike to join me in helping other physicians open and run their medical spa by providing solutions and support for Medical Spas, so they don’t have to feel lost, spend money they don’t have to and create long-lasting relationships with their patients, vendors, and partners.

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